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To submit a book review for Entertaining An Angel please send an email containing your first name, city and state, along with your review of the book, to achristian@emmanuelproductions.org

Debi, Bristol TN. I went to college with a man that wrote a book about an angel and he gave me a copy that he signed and i read it and fell in love with it then someone stole the book and i cant remember the name of it or who the author was. I went to school at national business college thank you for your help  sincerely debi.

Andrew's Reply. Debi I am so glad you love the book that much that you would let me know in the way you did and that you want another copy of it, a copy is in the mail to you and it is signed as well, Thank you very much I am so glad you liked it so much.

Marjorie, New York NY. I was very impressed by this author, But I must admit at first when my friend told me of Entertaining An Angel, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. But after reading this book I'm a big fan of Andrew Christian and look forward to more novels by him.

Katie, Bristol VA. Wow this was great, I really enjoyed this story. If there ever was a book that should be made into a motion picture it is this one. I could just see Sam and this lady doing all these things while I was reading this book. I'd love to see that car that was in the book it sounds really cool. To think this author is local to my area, Andrew please let me know when you will be doing a book signing I'd like to come and buy a personalized autographed copy and meet you.

John, Elizabethton TN. I was astonished by the quality of the story and loved the overall expierence of the entire book. I agree with the others this author must release a sequel. 

Abbie, Bristol TN. I felt all emotions while reading this book. I laughed, cried, got angry at times over some of the situations these characters had to go through. The sadness I felt for the young lady was uneasy for me. But the way this book ended was excellent. I will read it again before letting my girlfriend Katie borrow it.

Frances, Kingsport TN. An extremely enjoyable book that you can't put down once you start reading. A warm love story that makes you laugh and cry. I can't wait to read the sequel.

Barbara, Johnson City TN. I have spoken with the author and he says that the story being told is 90% fictional with the locale setting for book actually taking place in the author's home town in Kingsport Tennessee. Anyone familiar with or from upper east Tennessee will recognize many of the locations mentioned in the story. This is a very good story by this first time author. I hope to see another in the series if there is one.


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