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By: Cindy Roberts  

Sounds Liike Christmas Sounds Like Christmas

This long awaited Christmas album has a lot of the most popular Christmas songs and is performed by a TN native that has a beautiful voice and strong faith in God, your sure to enjoy it produced by: Emmanuel Productions in 2014

Genre: Spiritual: Gospel
Release Date: 2014

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The Blood Covered It All The Blood Covered It All

This album by Cindy Roberts is the first in a series of three albums that she's produced over the past 14 years in her singing ministry as a gospel music artist.

Genre: Spiritual: Gospel
Release Date: 2000

Get a copy for a donation of $10.00


A healing of the Nations A Healing of The Nations

is the second CD album that Cindy Roberts produced it was brought about after her diagnosis of having MS and the Lord inspiring her to sing and praise him in the only way she knows best to and that's in song from her heart.

Genre: Spiritual: Gospel
Release Date: 2008 

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By:Andrew Christian.Entertaining An Angel

Entertaining An Angel is a romantic comedy, telling the story of Sam Roberts, a wounded divorcee who follows his heart to find true love. He generously opens his home to a neighborhood vagabond and her daughter, only to realize that helping her has healed him as well. When their life seems to be perfect, things take a drastic turn and Sam is struggling with love, loss, and faith once again. Will he listen to his conscience again or lose his faith in God forever? Only a heaven-sent miracle will tell.

Get a copy for a donation of $10.00


Your thoughts and comments on this book may be sent to. achristian@emmanuelproductions.org

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