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Rules That Vendors / Distributors must follow.

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  1. You must stay within your space that has been reserved by you it will specify the booth sizes on the link to that Expo / Event on the online flyer such as 10X10 8X10 and so on, sizes will vary from event to event so it is your responsibility to know what booth sizes were rented to you at the Expo / Event.
  2. You must have your booth setup and ready by the beginning time of the expo / event again the times are listed on the link to the specific event / expo on the online flyer.
  3. You must stay the whole duration of the event / expo regardless of if your product or service is selling or not. We want a full expo for everyone to see no matter if they come in at the first of the event or at the end of the event.
  4. Not showing up to the event and leaving your rented booth empty is an automatic forfeiture of your money NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.
  5. No refunds are issued for any reservation of a booth at any of our expo' s or events. No exceptions will be made in this rule, but in some cases you may receive a credit for a future event of your choice if you have called us and given us a 30 day notice to re rent your booth to another vendor. But this is strictly at the discretion of Emmanuel Productions Management and is not a guarantee in any way to the vendor. otherwise you forfeit your booth reservation fee.
  6. The only instance that a refund will be made to a vendor for a booth rental is if we, Emmanuel Productions Management cancels an event and it will not be presented to the public.
  7. At times an event or expo location may be changed or moved but that doesn't constitute a refund because we are still making a date and time for you to sell or present your product or service to the public. If the new date or time conflicts with your schedule we can work with you on a credit for an upcoming event / expo.
  8. No swapping and or sharing of your reserved booths with friends, family or anyone else without Emmanuel Productions Management approval. But in most cases if described to us and given explanation of the reason we can work with you in some way but it's not guaranteed.
  9. If at any event that your setup at you have an issue with the businesses in the booth next to yours please direct your concern to us first not the people in the booth next to you. We will mediate any issues that you have with others for you that's what we're here for is to help maintain a happy positive experience to everyone within reason.
  10. If at any event you cause a disturbance or scene that makes others around you concerned or threatened for their safety or anyone else's, you will be asked to leave and you won't get a refund of your booth rental unless something happened beyond your control and you weren't directly at fault, then possibly a credit will be issued but it's not guaranteed.

Thank You for your cooperation and courtesy and respect for our event / expo rules we hope to be hosting these events often and hope that you and everyone especially the attendee's enjoy their experience with Emmanuel Productions.

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